About ALAS

ALAS Asia facilitates and promotes business between Asia and Latin America. ALAS Asia develops links and opportunities between the two regions, providing information, contacts and tools to access these markets.

Our company specializes in emerging economies in the Asia Pacific Region. We are committed to promoting economic development through trade, investment and services.

ALAS Asia complements our customers' needs by creating synergies and long-term relationships leading to excellence, innovation and value creation.


To support enterprises to gain access, strengthen or increase their operations in Asian and Latin American markets through exports, services and investments.


ALAS Asia seeks to create a business community and to foster a new generation of Latin American business innovating in Asia as a result of the economic growth and professionalization taking place in both regions.

In addition, ALAS Asia builds confidence in Asian companies operating in Latin America, by supporting local firms to become suppliers; and there by gaining knowledge and opportunities for economic and social development in Latin America.

About Us

ALAS Asia is made up of a group of professionals of the Asia Pacific Region looking to provide information, knowledge and business contacts. ALAS Asia is a registered legal and tax entity in Mexico and maintains a a representative office in Tokyo, Japan.

In order to warranty the competitiveness of our organization, ALAS Asia has established a board of advisors with practical experience relevant to our operations.

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